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How does SEO work?

To make the site unique in the search engine you must have aspects of your site that are unlike others. An example of making your site unique for the search engine is if you had a realty business online and decided to add an “add to dream board” option for pictures of the homes. This is a unique feature that would rank increase Google ranking. Another aspect that your site is ranked on is your trust level. positive results can be acquired with things such as reviews from your customers. Lastly your site is ranked on authority. To develop authority your company will do things like have links to your companies site on major websites or blogs. The best SEO company knows this and now so do you.

Crafted the Band SEO

Crafted the Band is your #1 source for everything internet marketing. We post helpful case studies of the latest Google algorithms and white-hat methods to build links to your money website. Backed with 4 years of experience, we understand the inner workings of search engines and how to abide with the “Big G’s” strict guidelines. Our methods of building authority through guest posts and tiered white-hat backlinks is the ultimate search engine domination solution to rank any keyword.

Poor Website Structure = Instant SEO Killer

Did you know that a poorly designed website can lead to the demise of your entire SEO campaign. The basics of a good campagin is a websites structure, and if it’s not SEO friendly, google’s bot crawlers will not be able to pass on link juices throughout your website. Using a silo structure is the best way to ensure this, but many people have created their website without structure at all. Not only that, but a slow loading page is also penalized by Google.

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Billy	Wade

It was nice working with your team because no matter what ideas we come with, you know how to implement them! Great team work, guys! Our website has never looked better, ever. Thank you.

Billy Wade

Office Manager
Anna Dowson

You never know what is going to happen until you try. But let me tell you that taking a risk with these guys was totally worth it. Now we are a regular client, and this was probably the best decision we ever made!

Anna Dowson

Company Owner
Bert	Matthews

Incredible! What you did for our company was amazing. Creative thinking was what I needed for my business project. Thanks a lot and good luck. I recommend your services to all friends and colleagues.

Bert Matthews

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