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Google algorithm

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Ranking on Google is easy for Crafted the Band because we understand long term strategies of building authority as opposed to churn and burn projects that allow for quick progress, but Google penalties on your website. 

Piecing the Puzzle

We utilize the latest marketing tools like Scrapebox, Ahrefs, and Magestic, in order to figure out what your competitors are doing.

Detailed Reports

We create a list of profitable keywords and center your entire SEO and Google adword campagins around it. We also edit your META descriptions to make sure google knows what your page is about!


Since we don't do churn and burn projects, we set you up with a long term campagin that focuses on long term results as opposed to instant results, giving you the credibility you need to thrive on search engines.

math matters

So let's crunch the numbers..

From current 2018 statistics, Google has indicated that there’s a 78% chance that the first link will be clicked, dropping 15% when your site is ranked second. Let’s scale that to 100 customers..
+ 229 %
+ 18 %
- 45 %
abandoned carts

Why seo

Works so well.

There are tons of search engines out there to choose from, most follow a similar algorithm to rank your site so making positive changes to your site in order to increase Google ranking will also increase your Bing rank. When you are trying to get exposure for your website ,however,there is the option of paying for an ad to be seen first to a particular target market. Both Google and Bing offer advertising options, so which should you choose? It should also be mentioned here that there are other options but Bing and Google are commonly known to be the biggest. Google has 40,000 searches per second and Bing follows far behind with 661 searches per second. So it is clear, if your choosing to advertise on a search engine for brand exposure, Google is the best option in terms of reaching a vast array of people. Bing though, has been known to have a more affordable cost per click. On the other side, however, Google has a better conversion to customer rate which is the highest priority of any company, more paying customers. You’ve got 3 search engines to choose from, that means 3 sources of traffic. It works so well because it’s all organic.